So, you're finally curious about Klap…it's the right time to check out our About Us Page. (seriously, who reads these things? Beside a good parent, a good teacher, a good caretaker and you…we mean it.)

KLAP Edutainment Pvt. Ltd is a gaming company primarily focusing on offering educational games for kids and students by adding a touch of fun into everything we make. Learning is always fun, when it involves some play in it. Based on these we have a great literacy initiative to bridge the gap in the educational system.

KLAP is striving to bring the best out of the technology, providing the best research-based strategies to pre-schoolers, students, teachers, childcare centers, parents and to rest of the world who are involved in making these little ones to become brighter when they grow.

Our aim is to bring in an essential change in the approach towards education. Our interactive games and application are designed aesthetically to deliver information and enhance knowledge through electronic medium which are readily accepted by this young generation.

With a huge resource of Educational advisors, researchers, content designers, game programmers, Klap cover many different aspects of educational gaming and teaching.

Here is what you'll find:

  • Pre-school Educational games & applications
  • First steps to learning Apps
  • Apps that help parents jumpstart to teach their kids
  • Memory building games
  • Analytical skills games
  • Math corner
  • Creative skills enhancement etc

We pride ourselves on intelligent educational content that can deliver quality knowledge to young minds ready to school. We won't expect you to try these games and apps if we're not willing to try it ourselves. We just love making them for kids and it's more of a passion than work for us.